Beard CEO

Good morning!


Name: Beard

Beard CEO

Age: Late 20s
Location: Southeast USA


  • CEO of a “web company” that primarily focuses on websites, SEO, buy/sale of domains, advertising, and “investments”
  • Partnership with an associate on a undisclosed project.
  • Part time job with a local union
  • Full time uncle

  • Linux (Debian / Ubuntu)
  • Virtualization
  • MySQL + PHP
  • Internet Relay Chat
  • Outdoors / Hunting / Survivalist
  • Gardening

  • Running my business
  • Keeping my humidor stocked with good cigars
  • A good cup of coffee
  • Collecting coins
  • Growing tobacco and vegetables
  • Politics and economics
  • Libertarianism
  • Volunteering my time for a good cause
Favorite Cigar: Arturo Fuente “Cubanitos” (box of 10 for $18 – 22)

  • Mild taste
  • Made in Dominican Republic
  • 4 1/4 inch x 32 ring size
  • Natural color wrapper
  • African wrapper
  • Cameroon wrapper leaf

  • Cheap: Maxwell House pretty much any blend except decaf
  • Pricey: Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee

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