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Ungrateful People

I don’t know why I even bother with ungrateful people, but sometimes I do.

Sadly, these people act like they are in need when you try to avoid looking at them historically but you find a history of “being in need” because of their poor decisions and usually impulsive behavior.

What is sad is you can offer something that can have value, like a professional’s time versus that person spending their time how they see fit, and if that is “wasted” there is no real loss at all. However what infuriates me is when I spend some of my time, which has value, and I spend some of my own money, which definitely has value, to help you out and you either fail to meet your part of the commitment later on or you just act uninterested in the idea that I just spent something to help you out and you don’t even use it?

Sadly is this kind of behavior can come from people that you would consider a friend or an associate, but if you look deeply down at like how I mentioned the history of poor decisions and impulsive behavior to actually find out that honestly you are not surprised in the least.

I think in the time honored tradition of “New Years Resolutions” I am going to resolve not to help out these ungrateful people and actually find people that need help, not just temporary attention, that could use my investments and not just get the attention they need for 5 minutes because something in their life is bumming them out.


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