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Donald Trump and Reality TV Republicans

Source: Fox News

If you’ve been under a rock or sleeping outside of retail stores for the past week or so, there’s some infighting going on within the Republican Party. The candidate for bankers and big businesses, Herman Cain, dropped out of the race after it was disclosed that he was paying a woman money for the past 13 years without his wife’s knowledge.


So with Cain out of the race, Newt Gingrich appears to be the “big dog” in the reality TV Republican race where the media, not facts, seem to crown winners and announce losers regardless of polling from straw polls or anything. Gingrich is strutting around like a rooster in the hen house, but little does he know that you may think you’re that top candidate but in a hen house full of chickens – you’re nothing than the biggest chicken.

To top things off, Donald Trump is injecting himself back into the race.

Newsmax, a magazine and now “conservative” website, is having Donald Trump moderate the Newsmax debate on December 27th. For what reason, I’m not entirely too sure. My guess is to cash in on Donald Trump’s name and stir up the publicity that is usually following him like a circus.

However, with Trump announced as the moderator, Dr. Ron Paul and John Huntsman who are both Republican candidates have both announced they are not attending the Newsmax / Donald Trump debate because of Donald Trump moderating the debate. The only candidates who have said yes to the event have been Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum while Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry have not commented.

I have a feeling that Rick Perry may bail on this debate also, because in two past debates, he has threatened to not show up and with Donald Trump moderating I would avoid the debate also.

Being the wonderful and eloquent speaker that Donald Trump is, he released a statement making fun of Ron Paul and John Huntsman for not coming, citing that Huntsman “is not in the debate because his ratings are so low”. Seriously? You mean Donald Trump who announced he was running, ran with the publicity almost 6 weeks, bowed out and is still claiming that he is going to run for President even though he does not have a political action committee which is generally a precursor to running for President nor, like Newt Gingrich, has filed the necessary paperwork to be put on the primary ballot for upcoming races in January 2012.

This pretty much validates my concerns I’ve had lately that many Republicans have been dumbed down to “reality TV Republicans” who pick and choose their candidates based on television shows and media appearances.

I think Donald Trump is dangerous to the Republican Party. Many of the poll watchers within the GOP would think that affiliating with him may help the party with using his name, which goes across party lines since his TV show is watched by a large group of people. However, Trump’s reality TV antics could seriously hurt the party.

Have you ever heard of a moderator coming out and making fun of a candidate’s polling numbers? Did Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Wolf Blitzer or even Anderson Cooper do this? Absolutely not.. because they are journalists, to some degree, and not a reality TV show clown who does stunts and antics for publicity.

So Republican Party, what exactly are you doing?

Are you affiliating with Donald Trump and reality TV to create “reality TV Republicans” to dumb down the campaign messages so more loser candidates, like John McCain, can be pushed through the nomination process just to ultimately lose elections so maybe the next election, that the Democrat candidate messed up so bad that perhaps a Republican victory would be ensured?

Or are you going to push another loser candidate, like McCain who was soft (“moderate”) on illegal immigration like how Newt Gingrich is, so that Obama will win 2012 and the Republicans can plan for 4 more years to hopefully beat the Democrat candidate in 2016?

And the Republican Party wonders why they are losing the young voters to independent / libertarians? 


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