Beard CEO

Good morning!

Busy November

It’s been crazy all month long and right now its 4am when I have to be somewhere at 8am.

Great, another one of those nights.

I have finally figured out how to monetize forum traffic. It’s absolutely brilliant and unfortunately, I have to keep the idea to myself because I like to monetize my ideas to folks who are willing to pay for it 😉

The bad part is it has a limited use, but for that limited use, it’s potential is amazing.

I took a full time job with my business partner which will bring me in some monthly income and it’s great. My network of 3 website’s quarterly advertisement agreements are coming up with the companies that advertise on my network so I’m sending out those invoices as soon as they come up! 3 out of the 12 or so advertisers agreed to keep the advertising which is awesome!

My project with my partner is doing pretty good. A few people are posting more on the forum and it’s great! I don’t think I can use my money making idea on that one but I do have a project I can use it on that is a local project. I’m talking to a local promotion guy that is really popular and a very good asset to have in the project… so much potential, just have to get some smaller projects going to generate money and spend some money on some advertising to bring traffic to these projects.

There’s this guy in my high school class who says he’s some marketing guru and I’ve only seen him push out about two ideas, with one being a miserable failure and joke. Now this guy started his own WordPress blog and is saying how he’s like Steve Jobs and a bunch of other people wrapped up in one. This idea of his has so much potential for misuse and all he has to do is sell it very quickly to gullible people but the idea is spun off for two potential businesses. He’s been pushing it for years but nobody has bought onto it yet.

I finally put him on a restricted privacy setting on Facebook because he would creep on some of my posts, chime in on discussion with mutual friends with some bad advice and solicit me for free ideas under the guise of “chatting”. One time, he got mad because I wouldn’t get on a webcam with him to listen to him talk about himself and his product. He complained for a few minutes because I was not text chatting back to him and finally he figured out I was busy doing something. This is the main reason why I keep Facebook chat off and if it’s enabled, only a certain group of people on a privacy setting can see me online.

I scored an ecommerce client and haven’t really finalized our deal but its a pretty sweet deal.


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