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Facebook: Defriend Your Entire Family

I don’t know what the big deal is about your family requiring, and sometimes demanding, that you friend them on Facebook.

I’ve ranted before about Facebook and nothing will change my mind how it’s being used as a perverted replacement for healthy social relationships between friends and family members. If your friend lives 1000 miles away, sure, Facebook is perfectly acceptable. However if you live in the same house as your parents and your parents are writing on your Facebook wall to go take out the trash, something wildly inappropriate or something similiar – it’s time to defriend your family.

Facebook is wearing on me: I get time to time, somebody walking up and going “yeah I like what you posted but why didn’t you share the link I posted” or something oddly similar.

I just bite my lip and come up with some kind of temporary excuse, but it’s almost to the point of Facebook is being like some kind of “social” acceptance, on the Internet, that is put in stone because somebody can go look (and remember) what you said about something, about how you liked something, etc.

It’s almost like a virtual twisting of your arm, forcing you down on a table to get you to hit “Share” or “Like” to validate someone’s meaningless existence online.

What if this Facebook nonsense gets to the point of where you say you like a professional sport, let’s say the Florida Gators, and months later – somebody finds you liked something about a rival team. Would that alienate you or your friend’s relationship over how you said you liked something to make somebody happy?

In conclusion, Facebook is nothing more than “Farcebook” because it’s just that, a farce which is a foolish show; mockery; a ridiculous sham.


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