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Just Got A Job – Kinda

A hosting provider wanted to rebrand their service into a new website, with a new domain name and design, arraigned a sweet deal for me to sell his service and handle the sales department end on it.

I sell virtual private servers, which are guaranteed resources for you to do things cheaper than a dedicated server, but virtual private servers have redundancy over a dedicated server.

What makes this so interesting is well.. I run virtual private server themed websites, such as one that lists offers and indexes providers but also one that tests the providers on their claims so I’m working both sides of the industry. I’m also running a forum about all the providers in the hopes of taking a huge chunk out of the traffic that goes to one of the largest web hosting forums on the Internet.

For that, I am teamed up with a hosting provider who offers me virtual private servers for my two websites and has partnered with me about the forum idea.

I sold him on rebranding his hosting into a new company name and I would build that brand up for him by selling a massive amount of servers for me. Some of the largest companies process 1000 orders per month. I think I can get at least 100 sign ups the first month and definitely have the brand built by the next month.

My partner has said if I did something like that, he would make the company more like a partnership than me in the sales department. My goal for doing that is within six months. It’s totally feasible to accomplish something like that because if I get the contract job I bidded and the monthly system administrator job that I gave them as an optional service, I would have enough of an advertising budget to put a lot of virtual private server companies on the run since I review them on one website and could use that as a wonderful advantage!

The domain is registered, the website is for the most part accomplished, now we have to integrate the billing system into separate from him because I was worried about the affiliate link scaring them off when they get directed to my partner’s business site to sign up. Plus, having a separate billing system is great if the forum takes off and somebody solicits to purchase the company from us for a great offer.

I see a lot of bigger companies buying out the customers of smaller hosting companies and even resellers, who happen to have a large customer base. It’s very interesting and fun to see how it will work out.


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