Beard CEO

Good morning!

What A Nerdy Friday Night

I’ve been sick the last few days or so, with the area’s first cold front blowing through and the weather going in the low 50s which is really rare, and I’ve been laying around in bed for the last day and a half.. pretty lame.

Today, two years ago, my grandpa passed away.. I miss the old man more than anything.

This week, I’ve watched Southpark season 12 – 15 because I felt like taking the week off from work. Good stuff.. I started on Southpark season 11 tonight. The last episode of season 12, which is the goth kids versus the vampire kids, is absolutely freaking hilarious.

My “big money” project is coming out pretty good.. I just installed a nice vBulletin theme, added RSS feeds on all my popular blogs, and trying to get some content going. I think within 6 months, I’ll be good with content and good search engine ranking..


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