Beard CEO

Good morning!

Big Things Coming Up

Seems like when the work is flowing, it’s pouring:

#1. A guy from outside Atlanta, Georgia caught my corporate website on Google and I didn’t realize I was a first result for Google for some very profitable computer consultant terms. The guy calls me up and leaves me a voicemail message about migrating some clients over from an older version to the latest version.

It sounds pretty good but I do not know if there are any dangers from upgrading from an older version to the latest. If so, I guess Google is my friend.. I’ve upgraded from a few versions back to current, with it being fine, so no idea. I need that cash so I’m going to lowball those suckas! 

#2. Submitted an easy website bid to a potential client. I think they will take me up on the offer due to the first sentence on #1: A potential client found me on Google for some work. I could have charged more but again, lowballing suckas! 

#3. A volunteer project turned into a hosting client. Cha-ching!

With that cash coming in, I’m thinking about reinvesting:

#1. I could purchase a leased cPanel license for $10 – 15 per month, purchase a virtual private server for a good deal, and sell webhosting accounts on cPanel for yearly plans.. I’m seriously debating this because if I cannot fill the server, I can resell the yearly access to an associate up in the northeast USA to get him some clients and make some side cash.

#2. Facebook ads and other advertisements since you can never have enough advertising!

#3. Maybe spend something on myself for once! Who knows!



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